TIKI Talk Episode 45! Live Content Strategy!Listen now (80 min) | Roles reverse as Mike asks Shane about new dev-centric content in a live strategy meeting!
TIKI Talk Episode 44! Edwin Carrion and "No Dream Left Behind"!Listen now (57 min) | From humble beginnings in Ecuador to living a balance life of total freedom, Edwin shares his story and wisdom for all to hear.
How will users interact with the TIKI DAO? Part One!
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TIKI Talk Ep. 42! Emmy Winner Vinnie Potestivo!Listen now (54 min) | TIKI Talk Episode 42 is here, and Vinnie P is in the house! Vinnie Potestivo, an Emmy award winner, played a pivotal role of…
We are pleased to present the TIKI DAO Whitepaper. The paper sets out two new concepts; earning a voice through participation and democratized…
My retrospective on the imminent TIKI Whitepaper
TIKI Talk Ep. 41! Developer Talk with Mike!Listen now (110 min) | ChatGPT did not write this copy!
The road to PMF (product-market fit)

December 2022

Something about a duck being calm on the surface but paddling like a maniac below
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Reflecting back on a calendar year in Nashville, Tennessee
A brief look at how we got to Web 3.0