TIKI Talk Ep. 32! It's-a Me, Shane Faria!Listen now (80 min) | Shane and Mike swap seats to get the low-down on TIKI's co-founder
TIKI reflects after attending the Vanderbilt Career Fair
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We are packaging up TIKI's unique data ownership, consent, and monetization technologies into a suite of tools for companies to deliver to consumers.
For consistency sake 🍹.
TIKI Talk Ep. 28! Apple iOS 14.5 Breakdown and TIKI's Remedy for Businesses and UsersListen now (45 min) | Digital advertising ain't going away. Time to make it better.
Bridging the trust gap between brand and consumer is as easy as S-D-K
TIKI Talk Ep. 27! Warren Steury Returns!Listen now (111 min) | In episode 27, friend of TIKI Warren Steury returns to Pineapple Studio! Warren is a creative designer at Nashville’s Media Farm…
Shane has been noticing some strange patterns with Spotify "shuffle"