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Hi Ricardo, I just finished my own library based on the first blog that you wrote about using dart/flutter plugin in native android/ios and it works well. and then I want to call that library using some cloud repository like maven, so in order to do that, I need to follow the steps in this blog or not necessary? I wonder why in this blog and next blog you are not mention about the flutter plugin / module that we already created before, its a bit confusing for me, should i make a new module / new flutter project or how to use our previous plugin/module that we've made before, Thanks in advance.

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Congrats for your lib @Farhan! You can follow these steps in the Flutter project that you created to compile it to Android or iOS as binaries.

After this blog was posted we split our Flutter repository in two. One for usage in a Flutter project and another for compiling to native libs. You can check how we do the compilation for native in this project: https://github.com/tiki/tiki-trail-platform-channel

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Hi thanks for you help, However I got this error when trying to build AAR file, do you have any suggestions? I have put my github id and token in .env file.

* What went wrong:

A problem was found with the configuration of task ':path_provider_android:publishReleasePublicationToMaven2Repository' (type 'PublishToMavenRepository').

- In plugin 'org.gradle.maven-publish' type 'org.gradle.api.publish.maven.tasks.PublishToMavenRepository' property 'credentials.username' doesn't have a configured value.

Reason: This property isn't marked as optional and no value has been configured.

Possible solutions:

1. Assign a value to 'credentials.username'.

2. Mark property 'credentials.username' as optional.

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Hey Farhan! Do you have this project in a public git repository? If you do, please open an issue there and send me the link here. If not, please open an issue at github.com/tiki/tiki-sdk-android. It will be better to discuss through a repository.

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