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Company Update — Sept. '23

We Exist to Make Corporations Richer and Are Operating as a Slush Fund for BlackRock

Monetizing Customer Data on Shopify

Data as a Product: How Selling User Data Can Boost Your Business's Bottom Line

Establishing a Fair Market Value for Data

Leveraging Trust and Transparency to Win Over Customers, Increase Sales, and Nail Key Metrics

Pairing TIKI’s WooCommerce Plug-in with OptinMonster

Offset Coupon Costs with TIKI: Re-Sell Zero-Party Data for Ecommerce Success!

Increasing LTV, Decreasing CAC in Mobile Games with Zero-Party Data!

Data Enrichment for Training AI: Boosting AI Performance with Zero-Party Data

Turning SKU-Level Receipt Data into New Revenue Streams with Zero-Party Loyalty Programs

Increase Opt-In Rates on WooCommerce: Boost Ad Performance with Reward Programs

Improving ROAS with Zero-Party Data in Commerce (using TIKI!)

What is Zero-Party Data?

Increasing eCPM in Mobile Games with Zero-Party Data!

How to Increase the Value of Your Ad Inventory Using Zero-Party Data

Creating a Loyalty Program Fueled By Zero-Party Data!

How to Monetize App Data in a Privacy-centric World

TIKI Company Update — May '23

Monetizing Zero-Party Data for Training AI (Using Snowflake)

Solving Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues in Training Generative AI

TIKI Talk Episode 59! App Tracking Transparency Opt-In for Mobile Games!

GroovyBank Puts $$$ in Customer Pockets: Cash Reward for Data Trade Powered by TIKI!

Haymakers in the Office!: Increasing ATT Opt-In for Mobile Games with Rewarded Ads

TIKI Talk Episode 58! Ad Attribution with Little Debbie!

We're Live!! — April Update

Little Debbie Crumbls Crumbl: Ad Attribution in a Privacy-Centric Digital Marketing and Advertising Climate

What is a Consumer Data License?

TIKI Talk Episode 57 - Ricardo Gonçalves

TIKI Talk Episode 56 - Would You Rather?

TIKI Talk - Guests

TIKI Talk - Internal

Writing Guidelines Part 2

TIKI Talk Episode 55! Web3 Customer Support with Clemens Behrend!

TIKI Talk Episode 54! SEO and Digital Marketing with David Forman!

Writing Guidelines is Easy...

TIKI Talk Ep. 53 - Talkin' Websites with Mike

TIKI Talk Ep. 52! The Return of Barry O'Connor!

TIKI Talk Episode 51! TIKI Vibe Check with Mike!

TIKI Talk Ep. 50! Web3 Author and Publisher Malene Bendtsen!

TIKI Newsletter February '23


TIKI Talk Episode 48! The ACL Therapist Keagen Hadley!

Distributing iOS Libraries as Swift Packages for Development

TIKI Talk Episode 47! Marketing and Brand Strategy Guru Stephanie Riel!

This Week's Adventures in DAO land

TIKI Talk Episode 46! Julian Hayes II Says 100 is the New 40!

TIKI Talk Episode 49 - Introducing Project Búzios & Content Strategy Update

Project Búzios —Feb '23 Update

Building the DAO App 3

TIKI Newsletter January '23 (Groundhog Day Edition)

TIKI 1.0 — Example app

DAO Voting App Design

TIKI Talk Episode 45! Live Content Strategy!

TIKI Talk Episode 44! Edwin Carrion and "No Dream Left Behind"!

Building the TIKI DAO App

TIKI Talk Episode 43! Jesús Ramirez! 2 Million Subscribers!

TIKI Talk Ep. 42! Emmy Winner Vinnie Potestivo!

TIKI DAO Whitepaper

What a Difference a DAO Makes

TIKI Talk Ep. 41! Developer Talk with Mike!

Happy New Year! Jan Update.