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Company Update — Dec. '23

Unveiling Cashback Connections

The Next Evolution of Card-Linked Offers

Welcome to Cashback Connections!

Company Update — Sept. '23

We Exist to Make Corporations Richer and Are Operating as a Slush Fund for BlackRock

Monetizing Customer Data on Shopify

Data as a Product: How Selling User Data Can Boost Your Business's Bottom Line

Establishing a Fair Market Value for Data

Leveraging Trust and Transparency to Win Over Customers, Increase Sales, and Nail Key Metrics

Pairing TIKI’s WooCommerce Plug-in with OptinMonster

Offset Coupon Costs with TIKI: Re-Sell Zero-Party Data for Ecommerce Success!

Increasing LTV, Decreasing CAC in Mobile Games with Zero-Party Data!

Data Enrichment for Training AI: Boosting AI Performance with Zero-Party Data

Turning SKU-Level Receipt Data into New Revenue Streams with Zero-Party Loyalty Programs

Increase Opt-In Rates on WooCommerce: Boost Ad Performance with Reward Programs

Improving ROAS with Zero-Party Data in Commerce (using TIKI!)

What is Zero-Party Data?

Increasing eCPM in Mobile Games with Zero-Party Data!

How to Increase the Value of Your Ad Inventory Using Zero-Party Data

Creating a Loyalty Program Fueled By Zero-Party Data!

How to Monetize App Data in a Privacy-centric World

TIKI Company Update — May '23

Solving Copyright and Intellectual Property Issues in Training Generative AI

GroovyBank Puts $$$ in Customer Pockets: Cash Reward for Data Trade Powered by TIKI!

Haymakers in the Office!: Increasing ATT Opt-In for Mobile Games with Rewarded Ads

We're Live!! — April Update

Little Debbie Crumbls Crumbl: Ad Attribution in a Privacy-Centric Digital Marketing and Advertising Climate

What is a Consumer Data License?