Sitemap - 2022 - TIKI

TIKI Newsletter December '22

One Year in Music City, USA

What is Web 3.0?

TIKI Talk Ep. 40! Pete Zaborszky of Retalk!

TIKI Talk Ep. 39! Ain't Much Rest for the Holidays!

Development Roadmap: Dec. '22

How TIKI works

Mitigating Risk of a Potential DAO 51% Attack

Nov. Recap and Dec. Outlook

Decentralizing Marketplace Governance

How to Package Dart for Use as a Native iOS Library

How to Package Dart for Use as a Native Android Library

How to Package Dart Code for Use as a Native Library

How to Call Dart from Android or iOS Native Code

Your Data's Voyage

How the TIKI SDK Works for Users

The Current State of Your Data, and TIKI’s Hopeful Future

TIKI Newsletter November '22

DataDAOs and Data Pooling

Governance and Non-Intervention in Decentralized Data Exchange with TIKI DAO

TIKI Talk Episode 38! Don't Panic, Prioritize!

Why on-chain consent?

TIKI Talk Ep. 37! Shane Goes Solo!

TIKI Talk Ep. 36! - Investor Update (For Everyone!)

TIKI Talk Ep. 35! Mobile Lead Ricardo Gonçalves!

TIKI Newsletter Oct. 2022

Investor Update. October '22

TIKI SDK Tech Updates

TIKI Talk Ep. 34! TIKI's Barry O'Connor!

TIKI Talk Ep. 33! Know Your Stars! CEO Mike Audi!

TIKI Talk Ep. 32! It's-a Me, Shane Faria!

The Kids are Alright!

TIKI Talk Ep. 31! Soula Parassidis from Living Opera!

TIKI Talk Ep. 30! Kathryn Rickmeyer of TennBeat!

Building the '96 Chicago Bulls of Tech

TIKI Talk Ep. 29! Kindred Spirits Podcast!

Investor update. September '22.

Updated Deck

TIKI Talk Ep. 28! Apple iOS 14.5 Breakdown and TIKI's Remedy for Businesses and Users

Apple Shook Up the Mobile Ad Market with iOS 14.5. TIKI Saw a Major Opportunity.

TIKI Talk Ep. 27! Warren Steury Returns!

Spotify "Shuffle": What's Going On, and Does it Matter?

TIKI Talk Ep. 26! Rikesh Govan!

How to Not Lose Your Mind as an Entrepreneur

TIKI Talk Ep. 25! Product Update and Key Messaging! SDK Incoming!

TIKI Talk Ep. 24! Chief of Staff Diana Shaw!

2 Chainz: All the Blockchains

3,500,000 data NFTs in 1 month

TIKI Talk Ep. 23 - Talkin' DAOs and Company Updates

Introducing: The Eevee Content Marketing Strategy

TIKI Talk Ep. 22! Trinity Wiles!

Summer Podcasts! Waitlist Open! A Very TIKI Playlist!

No More Waitlist! The TIKI App is OPEN!

TIKI Talk Ep. 21! Mike and Shane Brainstorm Live! Rikesh Govan Surprise Drop-In!

TIKI Talk Ep. 20! CJ Sapong from Nashville SC!

TIKI Talk Ep. 19! Classic Reinvention!

Data NFTs LIVE for iOS and Android w/ v0.4.2!

Anonymous, Contextual Pipeline and User Data Ownership in TIKI v0.4.1

Data Ownership is Bipartisan (Audio Article)

Data Ownership is Bipartisan

11 Million Users to Change the World?

TIKI Talk Ep. 18! Clayton Severson!

Where are we headed?

TIKI Talk Ep. 17! 100% Anonymous?

Social Scores in the Private Data Industry

WTF did we just build?

Milestone Announcement — Core Platform Launched

TIKI Talk Ep. 16! Data NFTs! TIKI Update!

The NFTs Are Coming! The NFTs Are Coming!

TIKI Talk Ep. 15! N. Warren Steury! 3 Hours!

Your Data is Your Story

TIKI Talk Ep. 14 - Painter and NFT Artist / Tech Recruiter Carly Long!

TIKI Talk Ep. 13! Bonnie D. Graham! Early Women in Tech!

TIKI Talk Ep. 12 - Nashville Musician Molly Martin!

TIKI Talk Ep. 11: Sagar Shukla! Mike tries hosting!

Huge Update — 3/29/22

Huge Update. Part 3 — The Deck

Huge Update. Part 2 — Data Marketplace

Huge Update. Part 1 — The Tech

Meet the TIKI Team!

TIKI Talk Ep. 10 3/23/22

Calling All Users: Our Marketplace Pilot Program is LIVE...

New Podcasts, A Deep Dive into the Data Analytics Space, Biz Updates, & a Modern Text-Based Adventure

TIKI Talk Ep. 9 3/17/22

Fun With Data: March Madness Edition

What’s Going on With the Business Side at TIKI?

TIKI Talk Ep. 8 2/23/22

Finding Our "Books" (X-post)

StartEngine investor update!

TIKI Talk Ep. 7 2/17/22

Finding Our "Books"

An Update Months in the Making, Escaping Mental Prisons, Talkin' Privacy and Third-Party Data (and more)

TIKI Talk Ep. 6 2/8/22

Everything is Crazy and the Only Solution is You Owning Your Reality

TIKI v0.3.0 is LIVE!

TIKI Talk Ep. 5 1/28/22

Your health app thinks you might be pregnant

Monetization, Magic Spells & Not-Very-Anonymous Data

Breaking the Magic Spell

TIKI Talk Ep. 4 1/12/22

Our anonymous data is not so anonymous

TIKI Talk Ep. 3 1/5/22

So, WTF is Going on With Monetization at TIKI?!

New year, new office, new newsletter!

The TIKI 100-Day Plan

TIKI Talk Ep. 2 12/29/21