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The road to PMF (product-market fit)
It’s been a tough, productive, and important couple of months at TIKI. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished, excited for what’s to come, and in better…
What do we need to do to get TIKI launched and in the market? The first step was to figure out what "launch" looks like for us.
We are packaging up TIKI's unique data ownership, consent, and monetization technologies into a suite of tools for companies to deliver to consumers.
For consistency sake 🍹.
It’s been a crazy 6 weeks — we started onboarding beta testers to our very own Layer-1. With over 1,000 concurrent nodes, we’ve minted on-chain over…
We will build THE free market for user data. A true marketplace where users shift into a power position all by simply being given the option of informed…
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