TIKI Talk Episode 57 - Ricardo Gonçalves
TIKI Talk Episode 57 - Ricardo Gonçalves
TIKI's Mobile Lead Returns!

TIKI Talk Episode 57 features the return of TIKI’s mobile lead, Ricardo Gonçalves!

Ricardo has logged tons of hard work behind the scenes for TIKI and is responsible for a gigantic chunk of the development resulting in TIKI’s core technology and product.

Join us as Ricardo talks about his role at TIKI, what he’s been working on, updates on his feelings about being a Brazilian developer, his desire to share knowledge, a special message for Portuguese speakers that Shane didn’t understand, living his dream life, feeling comfortable because of TIKI culture, the ups and downs of start-up life, tackling big responsibilities and challenges, and prepping for millions of TIKI users.

Shane’s audio got very messed up on this one, but Ricardo is crystal clear. Feel free to skip the Shane parts, he won’t be mad :)


0:00-2:28- Intro / making fun of Barry
2:28-9:06 Refresher of Ricardo’s role at TIKI / living the dream life / TIKI culture / feeling comfortable
9:06-24:30 Thoughts on being a successful Brazilian developer / dev communities in Brazil / sharing wealth of knowledge / a message in Portuguese / switching between languages
24:30-46:28 What Ricardo has been working on / SDK / data licensing / feeling proud / conquering challenges / doing a lot with a little / ups and downs / open-source contribution / big responsibilities
46:28-50:27 What Ricardo is looking forward to this year / millions of users
50:27-1:04:03 Shane’s heritage / cultural ramblings / outro



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