Feb 15 • 51M

TIKI Talk Episode 47! Marketing and Brand Strategy Guru Stephanie Riel!

Go heels on the ground with the passionate Stephanie Riel!

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Shane Faria
TIKI Talk is a series of podcasts broadcast from Pineapple Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! TIKI Talk: Take a behind-the-scenes look and listen to what's going on at TIKI with founders Mike Audi and Shane Faria. Your Data, Your Story: In our guest segment, tune in for great stories from great guests, hosted by Shane.
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TIKI Talk Episode 47 features brand strategist, marketing consultant, and founder of RielDeal Brands, Stephanie Riel!

Stephanie began her entrepreneurship at age 22 and has been grinding ever since, gradually increasing her skills in brand strategy and marketing from side-hustle contract work to launching the successful RielDeal Brands.

Stephanie is full of wisdom, heart, and passion and it shows. Join Shane and Stephanie as they discuss how Stephanie got into branding and marketing, the climate of marketing in the late 00s and early 10s versus today, where business owners often make branding mistakes, common things Stephanie assists businesses with, lots of info on the power of Pinterest, underrated platforms and overrated and underrated metrics, marrying data with creativity, Stephanie’s favorite success story, and much more!


0:00-3:05 Intro / wrestling ramblings
3:05-6:54 Age 22 Stephanie / background / starting a business / audience acquisition
6:54-10:40 Marketing climate 10-15 years ago / emergence of social media / human to human connection
10:40-15:52 How marketing and brand strategy has changed / audience before brand / what data should businesses prioritize / Google Analytics / social analytics
15:52-19:50 Common things Stephanie assists with / marketing & entering the market / pre-launch / facts and feelings / building and maintaining audience / Pinterest
19:50-32:26 Pinterest deep dive / social search / built to last / Pinterest demographics and self-awareness / planning for the future / Pinterest in search engines / Pinterest Predicts algorithm
32:26-38:00 Underrated platforms / organic social
38:00-41:39 Overrated, underrated metrics / engagement over likes / open-rate / click-thru rates
41:39-45:14 Brand building / marrying data with creativity
45:14-50:04 When Stephanie is having the most fun / Stephanie’s favorite success story
50:04-51:29 Where to find Stephanie / outro