Feb 10 • 1HR 11M

TIKI Talk Episode 46! Julian Hayes II Says 100 is the New 40!

Proactive health from a Nashville-based, forward-thinking health and performance advisor

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Shane Faria
TIKI Talk is a series of podcasts broadcast from Pineapple Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! TIKI Talk: Take a behind-the-scenes look and listen to what's going on at TIKI with founders Mike Audi and Shane Faria. Your Data, Your Story: In our guest segment, tune in for great stories from great guests, hosted by Shane.
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TIKI Talk Episode 46 features author, executive health & performance advisor, atelier, and the founder of Executive Health, Julian Hayes II!

After a long string of Zoom podcasts, it just so happened that Julian is a longtime Nashville native and was able to show up live at Pineapple Studio to record with us.

Shane was fascinated by Julian’s claim of “100 being the new 40,” especially after Shane’s own personal research on epigenetics, and later learned that Julian’s niche in health and performance is implementing health and longevity strategies for executives, investors, and entrepreneurs, making Julian a natural fit for the podcast.

Join Shane and Julian as they discuss Julian’s history in health, finding his niche, founding Executive Health, peak performance, epigenetics, gene expression, rebranding aging, the state of health for executives and entrepreneurs, wearable health tech and data, Julian’s approach with clients, advice for what people can do now to improve their health, setting a baseline and building resiliency, and more!


0:00-3:01 Intro / Nashville ramblings / Sacramento Kings ramblings
3:01-6:37 Julian’s origins / finding his niche / Executive Health
6:37-13:30 Pushing the envelope in health / peak performance / inflection ages / bulletproof 20s / drinking getting old / mysteries in biology
13:30-18:30 Epigenetics / hardware, software, queen bees, royal jelly / gene expressions / genes are not destiny
18:30-24:53 Studio ramblings / control as a value / aging needs a rebrand / 100 is the new 40 / aging stigma / healthspan vs lifespan / conditions still suboptimal / stress
24:53-31:54 Founder + exec + entrepreneur health / loneliness / awareness / wearable health tech / fundamentals first / recovery
31:54-36:15 Metrics and data / reactive healthcare / oral health
36:15-43:43 Journeys of Julian’s clients / seeing world through client’s eyes / short-medium-long term goals / direct to consumer flaws / more on wearables
43:43-59:50 Basketball ramblings / wearables from data privacy perspective / owning medical data / TIKI plug / data is a tool / 23 and Me / actionable insights / WebMD rabbit holes / more on bees
59:50-1:07:37 What people can do now to improve health / sponsored medicine / mindset + self-auditing / setting a baseline / becoming proactive / building resiliency
1:07:37-1:10:51 Where to find Julian / outro