TIKI Talk Episode 43! Jesús Ramirez! 2 Million Subscribers!
TIKI Talk Episode 43! Jesús Ramirez! 2 Million Subscribers!
Jesus's journey to 2 million subscribers

TIKI Talk Episode 43 features graphic artist and YouTube creator Jesús Ramirez!

Over the past 10 years Jesús has amassed an impressive 2 million (well, technically 1.91 million, but we’ll round up for you!) subscribers on his YouTube channel, Photoshop Training Channel. Jesús provides concise and easy-to-follow video tutorials for beginners using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. In his graphic design work, Jesús creates posters for movies and television and is an accomplished public speaker

Jesús has overcome a great deal of adversity in his own personal life, becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college after growing up in a low-income family in the San Francisco Bay area. Jesus also persevered through a stroke in 2021 that almost took his life.

Whether it is graphic design, content creation or his experiences as an unheralded soccer player who went on to play in college, Jesús has found success through perseverance, repetition, discipline, and not taking anything for granted.

Come for tips and tricks for standing out as a content creator, but stay for the message delivered from someone who has been knocked down repeatedly and not only got up, but grew stronger from it.


0:00-3:00 Intro / movie posters & creative freedom
3:00-7:00 Jesús’s journey in graphic design / Spider-Man drawings + comic book aspirations / learning content through marketing / humble YouTube beginnings
7:00-10:57 Creating as an introvert / helping others + education / connecting with audience
10:57-28:24 Journey to 2 million subscribers / listen to your audience / beginner content / incremental progress + tweaks / “face reveal” / SEO + keywords / YouTube analytics / thumbnails / Mr. Beast / hooking viewers / copying what works
28:24-34:55 Why Jesús thinks his channel has been successful / being concise / overdelivering on quality / practicing what you preach / content as a package
34:55-40:29 Jesús’s foundations for creative success / effort + enjoyment / finding a baseline / trial & error
40:29-48:17 Persevering through hard times / control what you can control / putting in the work / Jesús’s stroke, near death experience, and recovery
48:17-50:59 Where to find Jesus / don’t get too emotional / outro



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