TIKI Talk Ep. 41! Developer Talk with Mike!
TIKI Talk Ep. 41! Developer Talk with Mike!
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In Episode 41 of the TIKI Talk Podcast, Shane and Mike shift focus to all the developers out there. In 4K!

Tune in for: Mike's thoughts on building for developers as a developer, what Mike looks for in a product, how TIKI caters to developers, Mike's love for open-source software, Mike's quirks as a developer and how they may differ from other developers, what makes code "beautiful," TIKI's shift from a user focus to a developer focus at the advent of our SDK, what developers should know about TIKI and how they can contribute, Shane's thoughts on creating content for developers, and a preview of higher-level developer content that may be published by TIKI in the future.


0:00-2:41 Intro
2:41-23:40 Building for developers / what Mike looks for in a product / how TIKI caters to developers / Mike loves open-source / advantages of open-source
23:40-42:28 Mike's approach to writing code / Mike's developer quirks
42:39-51:24 What is "beautiful code"? / getting the fundamentals right / products are art
51:24-54:30 Part 2, 2nd intro
54:30-1:01:01 Shifting from user app to SDK
1:01:01-1:10:05 What devs should know about TIKI + TIKI SDK
1:10:05-1:22:01 How devs can contribute to TIKI / pair programming / bounty programs / donating to contributors / dev content on TIKI blog
1:22:01-1:27:52 What can devs expect from TIKI?
1:27:52-1:32:29 Use Case Rapid Fire Round
1:32:29-1:46:10 How Shane thinks about creating content for developers / Mike's content thoughts
1:46:10-1:49:50 Preview of potential future high-level dev content / outro



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