Dec 19, 2022 • 1HR 16M

TIKI Talk Ep. 39! Ain't Much Rest for the Holidays!

TIKI enters a pivotal juncture at a time when most are slowing down

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Shane Faria
Mike Audi
TIKI Talk is a series of podcasts broadcast from Pineapple Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! TIKI Talk: Take a behind-the-scenes look and listen to what's going on at TIKI with founders Mike Audi and Shane Faria. Your Data, Your Story: In our guest segment, tune in for great stories from great guests, hosted by Shane.
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TIKI Talk Episode #39 is LIVE!

We know it’s been a while, so tune in on what’s been happening since our last podcast release, including updates on getting product out the door, a boatload of new content from Mike, Shane, Ricardo and Barry, updates on the SDK and the types of businesses that will pilot our product, examples of cool SDK use cases that we’re working on, reflections on our first full year in Nashville, info on our newest team members Tim and Vignesh, and some 2023 goals from Mike and Shane.

The holiday season usually results in many companies slowing down and taking some time off. Not the case here as it is all systems go in a very critical juncture for TIKI and its future.


0:00-5:10 Intro / Where have we been? / What’s been happening since November
5:10-12:13 Product out the door / new content / tech updates / Dart stuff / 80-20 rule
12:13-17:09 Content update
17:09-21:20 Why content? / Discord update
21:20-40:08 SDK Update / 1.0 & 0.9 releases / Pre-release + release / types of SDK pilot companies / use cases / new use case ideas / when users will interact with SDK
40:08-55:33 1 year in Nashville reflections—experience? expectation? good decision? memories? / Creating a unique space/office
55:33-1:02:06 Tim and Vignesh joining TIKI—who are they and what do they do?
1:02:06-1:05:48 Mike’s 2023 goals / Mike “The Grinch” Audi
1:05:48-1:15:50 What Shane wants to make happen in 2023 / send off