TIKI Talk Ep. 33! Know Your Stars! CEO Mike Audi!
TIKI Talk Ep. 33! Know Your Stars! CEO Mike Audi!
This has been my second Nickelodeon reference with this podcast alone!

In TIKI Talk Episode 33, Shane gets personal with CEO Mike Audi.

While Mike has done plenty of “Who are you and what do you do” podcasts and interviews for other publications, we’ve yet to really dig deep into what makes Mike tick. That is, until now.

Join Shane and Mike as Mike discusses how he has been feeling lately, whether or not he has been sleeping incorrectly for over three decades, taking a break from his 100-hour weeks with 80-hour weeks, Mike’s mentors and coaches, how he’s learned to become a better CEO, what it’s like being “TIKI Mike” and getting recognized in the Nashville tech community.

And, in his own words, hear Mike verbalize just how giant of an opportunity we have in front of us here at TIKI.

Shane also leaves the audio unedited so you can hear his (usually) off-camera intro.


0:00-3:46 Intro / Space vehicle precount
3:46-12:23 How are you, Mike?
12:23-19:12 “Finite everything” / Mike learns sleep is beneficial / Mike’s “break”
19:12-28:50 Mike’s coach / mentors
28:50-35:18 Mike learning from himself / “How have you changed?”
35:18-39:19 What it’s like being recognized as TIKI Mike / positive recognition
39:19-45:50 How big is this opportunity, really?
45:50-50:53 Song association / outro



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