TIKI Talk Ep. 31! Soula Parassidis from Living Opera!
TIKI Talk Ep. 31! Soula Parassidis from Living Opera!
Opera-preneur Soula Parassidis drops into the Pineapple Studio!

TIKI Talk Episode 31 features opera singer and entrepreneur Soula Parassidis, CEO of Living Opera!

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Soula has appeared at many of the world’s major opera and concert venues across three continents during her career as a professional singer. Her experiences, coupled with those of her husband Norman Reinhardt (also an opera singer), paved the way for Living Opera, a multidisciplinary platform that informs, equips, and empowers classical musicians with fundamental information about what it takes to build a successful career in the music industry.

Recently Living Opera has sought to take advantage of the popularization of blockchain technology with Magic Mozart, a set of Mozart-inspired NFTs which she hopes will fulfill a philanthropic and educational utility and introduce new people to the beauty of classical music.

Join Shane and Soula as they discuss Soula’s entry into music, the importance of encouraging role models, creating communities with values, finding purpose and meaning through creative endeavors, conquering nihilism, the Web3 excitement building in Tennessee, and much more!


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0:00-1:50 Shane intro / brief Greek lesson
1:50-4:55 Soula intro / Living Opera intro
4:55-11:44 Soula’s origins / entry into music / Soula the flautist / talent identification
11:44-29:09 Importance of encouragement & seeing potential in others / pandemic opportunities / Living Opera’s community of values / an army of Pay It Forward Haley Joel Osments / abundance of content leading to increasingly skilled youth / Soula finding purpose / triumph after adversity / practicing patience
29:09-47:05 Marketing isn’t natural / an “intensely unloved generation” / “What’s the point of all this?” / fulfillment over nihilism / coffee shop manners / everyone has an accent
47:05-1:01:34 14-year-old singer to entrepreneur journey / self-made Masters programs / meeting her husband + ‘How did we get here?” / NFT+blockchain opportunity / finding the “thru line”
1:01:34-1:13:49 Musikalisches Würfelspiel / Mozart + William S. Burroughs / generative art / Magic Mozart / NFT philanthropic utility
1:13:49-1:24:14 DAOs + Tennessee / 90s-00s music references / omgkirby / knowing your lane / Poetry Out Loud
1:24:14-1:27:51 What people should know about opera singing, business
1:27:51-1:34:59 Soula+Living Opera+Magic Mozart plugs / Valley Girls build the Parthenon
1:34:59-1:53:25 Song association / liquor in the sporting goods store / outro



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