TIKI Talk Ep. 27! Warren Steury Returns!
TIKI Talk Ep. 27! Warren Steury Returns!

In episode 27, friend of TIKI Warren Steury returns to Pineapple Studio!

Warren is a creative designer at Nashville’s Media Farm, founder of the Tri-Pillar Project, as well as an author and traveler of both time and space.

In his first episode back in May, Warren and Shane talked for a solid 3+ hours. This one is slightly shorter, clocking in at a tad under 2 hours, but is still chock full of great bits.

Join Warren and Shane as they discuss updates on the Tri-Pillar Project (formerly the Acacia Society) including their Jeffersonian dinners and past events “What Makes a Man?” and “The Ancient Art of Design” with multi-episode Joe Rogan Experience guest Randall Carlson.

Stay listening for Warren’s journey into Freemasonry, misconceptions and conspiracies regarding the organization, and whether or not Warren is a lizard person (he is).


0:00-0:20 Shane intro
0:20-8:38 Warren intro / endurance tests / shopping mall nostalgia / modern hang-outs / Facebook marketplace
8:38-17:53 Tri-Pillar updates, mission, history
17:53-26:45 What Makes a Man? / Shane’s take on the event / Warren’s take
26:45-41:44 The Ancient Art of Design w/ Randall Carlson / history + sacred geometry / Randall’s master diagram
41:44-54:09 Freemasonry / lizard people? / why Warren joined / speculative freemasonry + history & symbolism / secrets?
54:09-1:05:16 Freemasonry misconceptions / conspiracy / Warren’s take / Founding Fathers / “lizard people don’t matter”
1:05:16-1:06:32 - The 3 Pillars
1:06-32-1:09:28 What’s next? (Warren’s plan)
1:09:28-1:29:15 What is a Jeffersonian dinner? / Shane’s take / encouraging diversity of thought / what is diversity? / attacking your own beliefs & challenging each other / separating the person from the idea / “die before you die”
1:29:15-1:46:54 Shane’s water bottle / importance of water / TIKI office history / Media Farm / organic marketing / 1800s baseball
1:46:54-1:51:22 Warren outro + contact



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