Jul 22, 2022 • 1HR 3M

TIKI Talk Ep. 22! Trinity Wiles!

When technology and fashion collide...

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Shane Faria
TIKI Talk is a series of podcasts broadcast from Pineapple Studios in Nashville, Tennessee! TIKI Talk: Take a behind-the-scenes look and listen to what's going on at TIKI with founders Mike Audi and Shane Faria. Your Data, Your Story: In our guest segment, tune in for great stories from great guests, hosted by Shane.
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TIKI Talk Episode numero 22 has dropped and in this edition Shane is joined by Trinity Wiles!

A lifelong self-starter, Trinity is deeply passionate about building products and the journey from idea to working concept to market. Trinity works product and operations for AI-based start-up Liquid Intelligence and recently started her own endeavor, Trinity Mototech, from which she aims to develop lifestyle products for female motorcyclists, an underserved and largely untapped demographic. Starting with fashion, Trinity then hopes to merge her experiences to create accessories and tech, with a “moonshot” goal of developing her own electric motorcycles.

Trinity talks about her experiences in tech and fashion, how they overlap in her head, her support system and community, the appeal and draw of start-up culture, and the dynamic of making it all happen in Music City.

Technology and fashion collide in TIKI Talk Episode 22! Enjoy!