TIKI Talk Ep. 20! CJ Sapong from Nashville SC!
TIKI Talk Ep. 20! CJ Sapong from Nashville SC!
Nashville SC's #17 joins us for podcast #20

It’s been quite a journey so far, and we’re stoked to have arrived at our 20th TIKI TALK PODCAST! 🎉

In actuality, it’s more like 23, but some podcasts have not (and likely will not) seen the light of day.

Regardless, TIKI Talk Episode 20 is a special one, as we are graciously joined by the multi-talented CJ Sapong.

Fans of soccer and Nashville residents might know CJ as a striker for Nashville SC, but it is readily apparent that CJ is much more than that.

A spiritually-driven, family-and-village-oriented forward-thinker, CJ is looking to make an enormous impact on the world on & off of the pitch.

Join us for a conversation about everything from crypto (CJ is one of the first athletes to take part of his salary in cryptocurrency) to sustainable agriculture (check out Sacred Seeds) and much more.

Enjoy and THANK YOU for joining us for twenty episodes.





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