May 2, 2022 • 53M

TIKI Talk Ep. 14 - Painter and NFT Artist / Tech Recruiter Carly Long!

Can paintings be NFTs? Carly Long says very much so, yes!

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Shane Faria
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Carly Long is a painter and an NFT artist living in Virginia. She is also a tech recruiter for Nashville-based WELD Recruiting.

While Carly herself claims she “downplays her art,” I have no problem hyping her up. Her paintings are awesome. She’s built up a recognizable style that has led her to doing commissioned work for professional athletes, reality TV stars, and musicians but for Carly, painting is more art therapy than “work.”

While art in an intimate process for Carly, she has found, surprisingly through “art for arts sake” NFTs, a freedom to create meaningful work that can reach thousands of people but also which remains true to herself.

Carly talks about her journey into NFTs and Web3, her experiments with translating her paintings to a digital format, and what she has learned about herself by becoming immersed inside the NFT and Web3 space, where she has begun to build a large network of like minds, including though her Women in Web3 podcast and newsletter.

Another fun one with a creative mind and engaging personality.