Data ownership

That’s what we’re talking about here. What is data ownership, why does it matter, and what can we do to move the needle in favor of the people, not big corporations?

We’re staying apprised of shifting policies and awareness around the globe, new technologies that empower users, and companies that are, frankly, not doing such a great job with the information they have access to (much of which we didn’t even know we gave them). That’s putting it nicely.

Who are we?

We’re the team behind the TIKI app. (Meet the team behind the TIKI app in this YouTube video)

We’re invested in the idea of data ownership on a personal level, and the app we’re building gives choice back to users. Do you want to share your data? No? Cool. You don’t have to. What to share some? How much? For how long? Who gets to see it?

We think you should decide all of it. And if you do decide to share your data, YOU get paid, not a big corporation.

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Shane Faria
Co-founder & user champion
Mike Audi
Founder @ TIKI