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What is TIKI?

We believe data is the world’s most valuable asset. We’re generating more data every two years than in recorded history combined. With advancements in technology--from the Internet of Things, to the Metaverse and brain-machine interfaces like Neuralink--the amount of data we will produce in the future is going to be so large, there may not even be a number with enough zeroes to properly measure it.

This data fuels an industry that is estimated to be valued at around $400 BILLION by 2025.

At TIKI, we build the tools (SDKs, APIs, applications) to facilitate a new, transparent, fair data economy. Built on our own custom decentralized blockchain technology, these tools bring data trade between users and businesses to existing systems.

With TIKI, users are granted the powers of choice and informed consent. Some of the most dire products of our web-based culture, such as censorship, lack of privacy, digital nudging, invasive advertising (and many more) are derivatives of an unfair, imbalanced exchange of data.

If you’ve been using the internet you know: most of us acquiesce into giving away our personally identifiable information (PII) in exchange for the use of a service. Even if a product or service allows a user to opt out of data sharing or customize preferences to limit it, the act of doing so is often confusing and difficult. For so long, us users have fallen into an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, checking a bunch of boxes accompanying tedious legalese and leaving the entire interaction unsure of what is actually happening to our data and to what we actually agreed. To make matters more imbalanced, when businesses profit off of the information we give away, we receive next to nothing in return.

However, things are changing. People are becoming more aware and proactive regarding the data situation at large. In fact, 89% of people care about data privacy and want more control.

Recently, businesses are feeling the heat, too. On the heels of Apple’s 2021 “ask app not to track” feature, opt-in rates for data sharing plummeted from around 80% to 20% or less, a complete inversion. The shift from opt-out to opt-in model (where data tracking is now defaulted to “off” and must be turned “on”) has left an enormous hole in the market that can be measured in trillions of dollars.

TIKI is here to fill that hole by pioneering the new data economy, in which both users and businesses can thrive in an ethical, novel, and revolutionary way.

Powered by immutable, tokenized user data ownership, users and businesses negotiate a fair market value (FMV) for data. Businesses propose an offer, and users can either accept it or decline it. For example, one day when opening the Netflix app, a checkbox that says “Opt in to exchanging Netflix watch history data for a 10% monthly discount on your Netflix subscription.” Users can then go over the terms and conditions and decide whether or not they’d like to participate in the exchange. TIKI builds the technology to make this type of transaction possible.

Welcome to the new data economy!

The TIKI Team is:
Mike Audi, CEO and Founder
Shane Faria, Head of Content and Co-Founder
Ricardo Gonçalves, Mobile Development Lead
Barry O’Connor, Governance Lead
Vignesh Sanathkumar, Product Design
Tim O’Guin, Dev Communities

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Shane Faria

Co-founder & Head of Content

Barry O'Connor

Governance and DAO lead at Tiki

Mike Audi

Fan of data